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Posted by Ian On June 5, 2009

I'm pleased to announce that I have started my own little company - mare ad mare, which is latin for 'sea to sea' and part of the Canadian motto (check the cover of your new passports). Our goal will be to build a fresh new brand of clothing for Canadian (and wannabe Canadian) girls. I will be using this blog, much as I have in the past - to continue showing people around the globe (over 50 countries now!) what it's like to be a Canadian girl, tracing the footsteps of our 3 girls as we explore more of this great place we call home.

Un petit baiser

Unique shirt for Canadian girls

'Gimme a little kiss' - says it all. Now for big girls! Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.


Fall shirt for Canadian girls

A big pile of leaves for you here! As a Canadian summer turns to fall, the leaves change colours and then fall off the trees. Kids rake them up and play! So go on, Jump into Fall with this Orange T. Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.

Pass the Marshmallows!

Summer shirt for Canadian Girls

Summer in Canada is the time for camping, camp fires and of course - Marshmallows! Get ready to go roast some in this summer yellow T. Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.


Spring shirt for Canadian Girls

After a long Canadian winter, spring can never arrive too soon! Pull on this Spring Green T and go planting girls! Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.

It's not ALWAYS cold in Canada...

Winter shirt for Canadian Girls

How many times have you had to tell someone that it's not always cold here? Well, sometimes it is cold - but to make your point, grab this little winter blue T and let them know that it's not just snow and ice up here all the time! Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.

Un petit baiser

Unique shirt for Canadian girls

'Gimme a little kiss' - says it all. Girls, grab this little white T, and go get your kiss ;-) Check www.mareadmare.ca for more details. All designs copyright of mare ad mare.

Last night I attended (and read) at Blog Out Loud Ottawa at the Raw Sugar Cafe. A little different for sure - but had a great time doing it. I wasn't really nervous about reading, til I actually got started...

It's not like I'm not used to speaking in front of large groups - I've presented in front of hundreds at user conferences and company meetings. And I used to play in front of 10's - sometimes 100's of people when I was singing/playing bass in my punk band. So I shouldn't have been nervous. But this group was a little different from my typical audiences. I had to read in front of fellow bloggers - 95% of them bright, intelligent and talented women - which was more than a little intimidating I have to admit.

I read terribly. I was the last up for the night - was a late addition, so I think I screwed up the closing order a little bit, as I'm sure more were there to hear Dani than me - but I'm glad Lynn let me read.

I read about my last day with my former company - titled 'my not so short goodbye'. And like the title says - it wasn't a short post... I read it and timed it, by the 8 minute mark I had barely finished Portugal - so had to pull out the editing pen. Most of what was cut, was project specific work stories - but I hope some go back and read it all - there's some pretty good stuff in there! It was the end of the night - and I think I tried to move almost too quickly through it - I speak fast enough as it is... But it was a little weird being in front of a crowd, yet having to stare down at this piece of paper and just read. I had to adlib a few times - just to be able to look out and engage the crowd(hope noone would be sleeping or sneaking out). Those were about the only moments up there where I actually felt comfortable! Usually I'll have a slide show, or white board behind me - with only a few notes or points to keep me on-track, where I'll provide filler to keep the speech flowing - but I didn't have that luxury here. Maybe if there's a next time - I'll bring some props or a projector to help me out.

It was definitely different - definitely fun. Some great stories too, and I've got a brand new reader list to catch up on now. Hearing the stories right from the source allows you to get to know that person that much better - know where they're coming from - so it will definitely help me get into their blogs faster!

It wasn't the first time I had performed at a coffee house - but it was the first time I did it relatively sober, without a bass in my hands and have an actual recollection of the night the next morning! Oh - and we didn't wreck the place! Here's a shot of me the last time I played a coffee house... over 15 years ago...

You don't want to see the 'after' pics...

7 Response to "BOLO recap"

  1. Sara M. Said,

    oh baby those were the days...


  2. 'talking' while you have an instrument in front of you is much different than speaking without. When I used to have to speak in between playing I was always hiding behind some percussion instrument and played with my drumsticks. I could talk forever... without those things, not so much! Don't get me wrong...I could still talk because, well, NOTHING could stop me from doing that!!!


  3. julie Said,

    Actually, I stayed to be sure I saw everyone, including you (not just Dani). Some disconnected thoughts/comments:
    1. WOW, as a major dance fan, my chin fell down seeing those photos of your daughter. She has amazing lines!
    2. The design of your blog (and your wife's) is so great. I wish I had some technical skills to go along with my design-love!
    3. My son is STILL waiting for his Canadian citizenship too. Nuts.
    4. I love your groovy t-shirts and Canadian pride!
    See you at the next event!


  4. mare ad mare Said,

    Very true Helen - maybe I need a 'crutch' to see me through...

    Glad you stuck around for me - was nice of everyone to stay til the end! Meghan will be happy to hear the lines comment, this is a big dance house...
    As for our blog designs - templates are a wonderful thing! Just requires a little effort to config, many come with guides/faq's. Check out http://btemplates.com/ for tons of designs!
    See you next time!


  5. Capital Mom Said,

    That is some great hair!
    It is always hard to read at the end of the night. Everyone is tired. But you made it through!


  6. England 2009 Said,

    Hey Ian,

    Chapeau, reading yourself's posts in public sounds very challeging to me. I bet, the time when you wrote the "farewell" post you never thought of reading it loud....
    So, a very different and new experience. Congratulations for your courage.

    About the Punk Rock Foto.
    Nice Hair :-) Looks like Dave Grohl to me. Do you have a sound snippet to share?

    Greetings from Dresden and all the best



  7. mare ad mare Said,

    CM - that hair was a mess... after it went from blond to black, it was a disaster. Had to cut it all off a few years later - the dye was killing it...

    Matthias - good to hear from you. You guys look like you had a good time touring recently! It's been a long time since that band - but here is a clip http://www.garageband.com/song?|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSgYFmxaw

    4 track recording from my basement or 'kellar' so quality is so-so.
    stay in touch!


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